Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Lights

The thing with Christmas is that while part of me despises the crass consumerism and wants to yell "Bah, humbug!" at the world, another part adores the carols and food, the presents and decorations, the awe and wonder.

I am similarly ambivalent about Christmas lights.  While I know they waste electricity and are often extremely kitsch, they are also fun and magical and a testimony to the patience and creativity of enthusiastic home owners.

These photos were taken in Ninth Avenue, St Peters last night.  Judging from the number of cars moving slowly along the street and the crowds of people walking up and down, lots of other people think Christmas lights are wonderful too.


Ailsa said...

Beautiful. How did you get them to still twinkle in your photos?

Tracy said...

You have encapsulated my thoughts exactly. It is hard to brush aside the irrelevant trappings, yet in some ways some of those things add to the 'specialness' of the season.

Each night when I turn on our Christmas tree lights I evoke those feelings of anticipation that the King is coming....

Anna said...

Love the twinkling lights, very clever.
Your sentiments marry closely with mine. I do my best to put aside the consumerism and immerse myself in the enjoyment of family, particularly now there are grandchildren to share the magic of Chrismas. Along with the fun and frivolity and delicious food.
Happy Christmas to you and family.

Our Red House said...

Hi Ailsa,

The twinkling is achieved by merging several photos that were taken a few seconds apart - my phone does this automatically so there was no skill on my part.